Instructor training

Do you want to become an instructor and train drone operators/pilots?

The instructor training to obtain an additional INS license, organized by UASA in Pruszcz Gdański, near the Tri-City and passing a state exam, allows you to start a business in the form of running your own training center or finding a job in a training center, training operators/drone pilots.
The training includes a series of theoretical lectures and practical training. The second stage of the training is instructor practice in our center, the completion of which is a prerequisite for taking the state examination for INS entitlement. The training program was developed by our specialists in the center, has been approved and received positive recommendations from the Civil Aviation Office.
Particularly, the INS entitlement entitles to conduct training for candidates to obtain UAVO qualifications for those qualifications that the instructor possesses. This means that, for example, a pilot with only a VLOS license up to 5 kg may obtain an INS license, which, however, will allow him to conduct flight training only for candidates to obtain a VLOS license up to 5 kg. In the case of other qualifications, e.g., BVLOS up to 25 kg, a person who obtains the INS qualification will be entitled to conduct BVLOS flight training.

What are the requirements for people who want to undergo UAVO Instructor Training (INS)?

First of all, you must be 18 years old and have the UAVO basic entitlement, i.e., the VLOS or BVLOS entitlement. The regulations do not require any other requirements in the field of education or completed courses. You should also have a valid Medical Certificate, unless you only have VLOS qualifications up to 5 kg. The last requirement to be met by a candidate for obtaining instructor certification (INS) of UAVO is the submission of a declaration of non-application by the common court of a criminal measure regarding the ban on driving motor vehicles and a declaration of having full legal capacity.

STAGE I Theoretical and practical training

the accent of theoretical training
aviation law – 6 hours;
special cases in-flight – flight safety issues – 3 h;
man – as a pilot and unmanned aerial vehicle operator – possibilities
and restrictions – 4 hours;
flight rules – 4 hours;
flight safety – 4 hours;
first aid in emergencies – 3 hours;
pedagogy – 2 hours;
training methodology and methodology – 2 hours;
Basics of public speeches and presentations – exercises and workshops – 3h;
U-SPACE – general assumptions – 1 hour;
Issues related to the autonomy of BSP flights – 2 hours;
Total: 34 training hours
The scope of practical training
Practical training includes at least 4 (INS VLOS) or 6 (INS BVLOS) hours of ground training exercises and at least 10 (INS VLOS) or 14 (INS BVLOS) hours of methodical flights as part of air training. As part of practical training, the following issues are processed:
Preparation for unmanned aerial vehicle flight, its ground handling,
including its airworthiness review
Operational and navigational preparation for flight, including meteorological information analysis
Performing standard pilot procedures and procedures applicable in hazardous and emergency situations
Total: 14 or 20 hours of practical training

STAGE II Passing internal exams
After completing the training, the center organizes internal exams, the completion of which is a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate of completion of training and taking state exams.
STAGE III Passing state exams
After completing the training and passing the internal exams, the center organizes a state examination, necessary to obtain the UAVO instructor certificate (INS) and to join the supervised instructor practice.
STAGE IV Supervised instructor practice
This is the final stage of training. It involves conducting training under the guidance of an experienced instructor, for 2 candidates who want to obtain basic VLOS or BVLOS qualifications.

Price List

Gross price in PLN


    • 34h lectures
    • 14h practical training

10 000 PLN


    • 34h lectures
    • 14h practical training

15 000 PLN

INS VLOS Partner Program

    • 34h lectures
    • 14h practical training

5000 PLN

INS BVLOS Partner Program

    • 34h lectures
    • 14h practical training

10 000 PLN

The price of the training does not include the amount of 321 PLN for paying the fee to the Civil Aviation Office for the state examination and entering a new entitlement to the qualification certificate.